Alexandria / Telemetry

Technologies used:

PHP C#.NET ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web API Websockets NodeJS LNMP Redis AWS Laravel Serverless

Recent Internal

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Agency: Stylist. Client: Stylist

Stylist is a free weekly leading UK magazine for women. Strong digital and online presence is currently supported by a small dev team which I’m happy to be a member of. We use AWS as our main technology solution partner with React powered front-end application stack and headless Wordpress CMS used by both editorial & commercial teams. We also actively use a bespoke LNMP based CRM solution called Alexandria (formerly known as Telemetry) which is the main project I’m currently responsible for in terms of maintenance and development.

Alexandria’s core is a set of restful APIs and CLI command tools built using Laravel framework hidden behind the Load Balancer and EC2 auto-scaling group that sits on top of sizeable RDS. Alexandria is being greatly supported by a set of external microservices developed using a mix of serverless technology stacks (.NET Core / Powershell, NodeJS and PHP). Its main responsibility is to manage all user specific data according to the GDPR rules including (but not limited to): email subscriptions, competition entries, promotion entries, email opens, email clicks, acquisition points and content analysis. 

I created the following chart to illustrate what Alexandria is and what services it connects to: Alexandria's overview

My key tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Maintain and optimise existing codebase
  • Add new functionality by introducing new API endpoints
  • Write comprehensive documentation for any new functionality introduced
  • Rewrite old/legacy components according to DDD concepts to improve maintainability
  • Write comprehensive unit tests - all application components have to be tested rigorously
  • Promote microservice / serverless based architecture to extend Alexandria’s capabilities