Give Bytes Crowdfunding

Technologies used:

ReactJS CSS C#.NET HTML5 JavaScript Ajax Websockets Redis Umbraco CMS ASP.NET Web API Umbraco Cloud

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Agency: GiveBytes. Client: GiveBytes

Give Bytes is a London based startup and the first of its kind crowdfunding platform which aimed to utilise crypto mining to enable computer powered donations as an alternative to accepting classic payment card based donations. My responsibility was to provide a suitable back-office solution and the API for the Front End application.

In this specific project Umbraco CMS was used as a tool to effectively manage campaigns submitted and ASP.NET Web API was implemented as a layer on top of Umbraco CMS Core. I also used Autofac as a DI container and built the API according to TDD & DDD concepts. Application architecture required "on-demand" workers implemented as microservices to process campaigns submitted and allow users to verify their identity. Redis was used as an application's cache layer and RedisPub/Sub service along with were used to display real time notifications on website. I also used PetaPoco as a lightweight ORM and Azure CosmosDB as part of Umbraco Cloud hosting solution.

I was solely responsible for writing a technical spec for entire solution based on functional spec and UX assets supplied, providing a suitable back-office solution to effectively manage campaigns and website content, providing relevant API documentation for front-end developers based on application’s spec, writing tests for core application components and building RESTful API on top of the CMS solution and according to the documentation shared with the front-end team.

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